Together, we are strong!

For 15 years and counting, Andreas Birngruber has been successfully involved in Catering and the creative aspects thereof. His style and affinity for customer service is highly respective, even in cities and countries outside of Austria.

Not only is he known for the quality of food service, but for providing an overall excellent package, which traditionally has exceeded the expectations of all of his clients. The organisational aspects, the execution of actual events, the show and its consequent perfection would all not be possible without a strong and reliable team.

Our team consists of top chefs, an array of sous chefs and line cooks, and service experts.
The main crew is made up of 40 people. Additional service members are lined up for large events. At times, our team is made up of 200 people, or more.


Andreas Birngruber
CEO Austria & Germany
E: l Ph: +43-6232-36093-20

Gabriele Birngruber
CFO Austria
E:  l Ph: +43-6232-36093-12

Astrid Schandner
Administration l Finance
E:  l Ph: +43-6232-36093-10

Joshua Aigner
Management Catering
 Messezentrum SBG
E:  l Ph: +43-6232-36093-44

Sara Spatzenegger
Administration | Sales
E: l Ph: +43-6232-36093-40

Markus Wimmer
Kitchen, Production & Supply Chain Management - Austria
E: l Ph: +43-6232-36093-13

Dirk Schöller
Kitchen, Catering Management & Congress Representative, Environment
E: l Ph: +43-6232-36093-13

Bernhard Rothauer
Head of Logistic, Catering & fleet
E: l Ph: +43-6232-36093-50 

Head of Accounting Austria

Margit Gerhardter
MGI Head of Accounting

Monika Schober
MGI Head of Wage Accounting


Head of Accounting Germany

Nicole Unterrainer
Fricke + Kollegen Partner mbB, Head of Wage Accounting


Bernhard Stümpfle
Fricke + Kollegen Partner mbB, Head of Accounting

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