The Upper Austrian state horticultural show in Aigen-Schlägl

will be spoiled by Chef Partie from 17 May to 13 October.

At Bio.Garten.Eden, we’re taking our time:

Time for nature, time for people, and time for ourselves.
The Upper Austrian State Horticultural Show 2019 in Aigen-Schlägl puts the topic of ecology in the foreground.

The 15 hectare exhibition, which came about from the collaboration between the Schlägl Foundation, the market town of Aigen-Schlägl and the Schlägl Organic School, shines a light on mindful interaction with food, resources and people in a very unique way. Not only will the visuals play an important role at the Upper Austrian State Horticultural Show 2019, but also the content. 
Dive into Bio.Garten.Eden and take some time to have fun, discover and slow down!

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Surprise yourself with the food from our Bio.Wirt - cuisine meets the garden!

Natural, honest, original – the best qualities for our organic cuisine.

Organic, regionality and originality aren’t just buzzwords for Chef Partie, but the philosophy they live by. At the BIO.WIRT, we serve our guests honest, pure indulgence. True to the motto “cuisine meets the garden”, at Bio.Garten.Eden we cook up unique and sustainable food which invites guests to get to know a variety of pleasures, combined with a fantasy taste adventure. It’s the small details we pay special attention to. That’s what you can see, feel and taste.

If you want to experience indulgence with all your senses, don’t miss a visit to Chef Partie’s Bio.Wirt! 

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