The new conventionhall "Inselhalle Lindau" the eventlocation at Lake Constance

3 halls. 12 conference rooms. 46 variations. Up to 2,000 participants.

State-of-the-art technology, a modular room concept and a great deal of flexibility: the new island hall offers more space for your ideas and optimally adapts to the requirements of your event. You can fully enjoy the Lake Constance location:

Lindau in Lake Constance is the stage for your conference or event and offers your participants and customers an international atmosphere in the Dreiländereck Germany - Austria - Switzerland.

By autumn 2017, the Inselhalle Lindau is being modernized and expanded generously. Modern, functional architecture combines with maximum flexibility and modularity. The core of the island hall, the three halls which combine and connect to the Great Hall, is preserved and strengthened in its festive character.

For this reason, ten new conference rooms are grouped on the ground floor and two more on the ground floor. Thanks to a modular room concept, 46 different possibilities for events of various types and sizes are created.