Organic is beloved, Vegan is trendy, Vegetarian is a lifestyle!

  • Bio – or organic – is healthy. Studies have confirmed that organic meat and organic milk contain higher levels of healthy fatty acids, influence the metabolism of sugars and fats and have both antioxidant and cancer inhibiting effects.

  • Bio is quality – Organic products are generally of better quality than conventional products.  Not only do they contain better quality ingredients, but they are generally free of pollutants and chemicals.

  • Bio is for us regional - the production of organic food is generally done locally and regionally. This creates jobs in a lot of rural areas as well as protecting the existence and future of organic farms.

  • Bio is humane – a bio-farm generally has just enough animals to manage on their own, which can be fed from self-produced animal feed. The humane farming of animals is focused primarily on their well-being and not for economic purposes.

  • Bio is free of genetically-modified organisms – organic farming generally prohibits the use of genetically-modified organisms, as well as ionising, radioactive radiotherapy.


Organic fertilizers are the only kind of fertilizers permitted on organic farms. Therefore, organic products are generally free of pollutants like nitrate or pesticides. This is beneficial for both our health as well as providing a good taste.