“Honest food causes joy and leaves traces. At customers and staff, but also in the environmental balance.”

We endeavour to provide you with a 100% lasting experience 
in everything we do. You can taste the difference with organic: 
Put us to the taste test!

The Birngruber Gastrnomie ensures a limitless culinary enjoyment. You are wishing – we are catering!


Welcome to the Chef Partie!

“With almost 20 years’ industry experience, we at Chef Partie rank among 
the professionals on the scene. We combine organic quality cuisine, 
perfect service, and slick logistics but also with constantly redefined ideas 
and sustainable concepts.”

Andreas Birngruber has had over 30 years of success with his 
innovative ideas in catering and gastronomy – always hungry for 
new ideas and challenges. Even beyond the country’s borders, 
people appreciate the type and quality of his catering, which goes 
far beyond 
just “serving meals”. 
Andreas Birngruber, however, is 
not only passionate about the highest levels of culinary excellence, 
but also sustainability across the board, from the choice of supplier 
to the point of consumption – organic is in demand.

Our staff fills the company with life and diversity. Perfect catering is not only 
about good food, but the perfect all-round service as well! 
Our team makes 
sure of this. Customized advice, efficient planning and organization, 
seamless logistics, first-class service and implementation – none of this would 
be possible without a team that you can rely on one hundred percent. 
Our perfectly coordinated team is experienced and works happily and reliably.

Together, we are “Chef Partie”, part of Birngruber Gastronomie GmbH.

 Our permanent crew consists of more than 45 members of staff – for large 
events we increase this as needed. We then often have a team of 
200 people or more. Friendliness, humanity, team spirit, responsibility and 
working together are our daily motivation. Reliability vis-à-vis our 
customers is the focus of our solution-oriented approach.



coffee machines


glass goods


fully stocked storage area


transport trolleys

5074 x

furniture and equipment


We think on everything for you!

Sophisticated catering concepts miss the mark if guests do not feel 
they are receiving first-class service. We therefore see our staff as 
a key ingredient in our recipe for success. 

Our team fills “Chef Partie” with life and diversity.

We collaborate with you and support you for every event with 
an aspiration to create a completely individual touch for every 
customer, no matter how eccentric. So that you feel well looked 
after and can see your own ideas implemented, we offer you 
many years of expertise and maximum flexibility.

“Challenges inspire us to find unique solutions. 
We live and love 
diversity day by day, from one event to the next! 
Our daily motivation and reward is a satisfied guest.”

Österreichisches Umweltzeichen Green Catering
SLK BIO Zertifizierung
Gut zu Wissen
Fairtrade Österreich

We do not promise pie in the sky but green goodness from the soil!


and provides enjoyment!

We endeavour to provide you with a 100% lasting experience 
in everything we do. 
You can taste the difference with organic: 
Put us to the taste test!

“A sense of home for us is synonymous with good and honest cuisine. 
For our basic ingredients and a number of raw products we rely on the 
quality of regional producers and partners. Even if we can conjure up 
every geographical region of the earth with its culinary specialities 
on your plate: nothing convinces us more than regional organic diversity.”

Are you looking for an organic caterer in Salzburg?
We are also happy to deliver our creative organic cuisine to your home. 
If you would like to find out more about our organic catering and 
our commitment to sustainability, simply write to us or give us a call. 

Commonplace is not something we do – 
our offers are tailor-made for you.

Get in touch with us!

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