The Salzburgarena can be used in a range of ways!


Concerts, operas, indoor and outdoor events, international show productions and sporting events, as well as meetings, galas and conferences.

We can offer you a varied range of food and drink appropriate for your event in our restaurants, cafés, bistros and stands: multifaceted, sustainable and to your exact tastes. Here, we will indulge you with organic products before and after the event:

● 2 bars in the main foyer (always open)

● 1-2 bars in the Salzach foyer (closed during small events)

● Bistro & bar on the 1st floor

● VIP area on the 2nd floor (accessible for guests renting a box)

Salzburgarena: bistro & bar

The bistro & bar area is located on the 1st floor of the Salzburgarena. Here you can get in the mood for your event before entering the Salzburgarena (around 2 hours before the event starts) in a pleasant atmosphere with everything your heart desires... Fancy a cocktail, a glass of prosecco or a small snack? An enjoyable time in a relaxed atmosphere is the most important aspect of an informal, relaxed and delightful evening with family and friends. 

Hungry for a more special change?
Enjoy all the conveniences of an all-inclusive catering package before and during your concert or event with “Dinner on Top”! 

Dinner on Top & bar

Top off your event with style and round it out with a gourmet and organic menu. Surprise yourself with how good real home cooking can taste! That’s how to make an evening at the Salzburgarena a memorable experience. Pure pleasure for the eyes, ears and taste buds!